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Can I order kitchen units directly from you?
Yes. Moores Direct is a division of Moores Furniture Group and delivers fully assembled kitchen units directly to your home, ready for installation. We also supply bathroom and utility room furniture. Trade buyers are welcome to join our Installer Club.

I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you help?
Yes. Please call the Moores Direct team on 01937 862 169 or email them at They will be happy to assist you.

My payment won’t go through.
If you have any problems regarding payment for items or ordering, please call Moores Direct on 01937 862 169 or email them at


Can you tell me which kitchen I have?
Moores is one of the UK’s leading kitchen manufacturers. Our kitchens can be found in homes from all major housebuilders across the UK. If your kitchen is in a new build property, we may be able to identify your kitchen using your postcode, plot number and the site name. Please give us a call on 01937 862 169 or email the details to

Moores kitchen units are built using premium sizing – if the inside of your base unit kitchen cupboard door measures 732mm from top to bottom (or 590mm for drawer line kitchen doors) it may be a Moores kitchen. Our trained staff are experts in Moores products and may be able to identify your kitchen range from a photo, please give us a call to discuss or alternatively, email your pictures across to


Are Moores products delivered assembled?
All Moores kitchen furniture products are delivered fully assembled, using sturdy glue and dowel construction.

How much does it cost for an extra unit?
The cost of an extra kitchen unit will depend on the size, specification and range you require. Our best sellers list gives examples of some of our commonly ordered items, but prices vary according to our various ranges. To help us give you an accurate quote, please measure your kitchen before contacting us.

Can you send someone to measure up?
Unfortunately we can’t send someone to measure your kitchen. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, please measure your kitchen before contacting us. The easiest way to measure the height and width of your kitchen units is by measuring the inside of your kitchen cupboard doors from top to bottom (height) and side to side (width). When ordering wall units, appliances and larder units it is important to ensure that your new units will align correctly with the wall height of existing units.


When is my delivery going to arrive?
Many of our products are manufactured to order, so please allow two to four weeks for delivery.

Can I order an island unit?
There is no set design for an island unit, but we can recommend a kitchen island configuration to suit your home, including units, doors, drawers, worktops and end panels. Please contact us with details of your current kitchen and we can suggest relevant products for your kitchen island.

Is there a local supplier?
Moores kitchen furniture is manufactured at our factory in Wetherby but we do deliver across the UK. To get in touch with Moores Direct, please fill out our online contact form, give us a call on 01937 862 169 or email us at

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